Comedic Relief Arrives Onboard TR

ARABIAN GULF – (August 24, 2015) PJ Walsh, Danny Villalpando, Tom Foss and Reno Collier flew aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) to provide some comedic relief to the crew, Aug. 24.

The four stand-up comedians provided an evening of entertainment in the ship’s hangar bay. during a comedy show sponsored by Navy Entertainment.


“We really appreciate those guys coming out and sharing their time with us,” said Capt. Craig Clapperton, TR’s commanding officer. “It’s a great way to bring a little touch of home to the ship.”

The show opened with Villalpando, who gave his comedic views on marriage, children and the most common theme of the night: the heat in the Arabian Gulf. Villalpando also thanked the Sailors and Marines for their service and sacrifice while on deployment.

“You guys are true super heroes, not only for what you do on this ship, but for doing it in this heat,” said Villalpando. “That makes you true champions.”

PJ Walsh brought his energetic brand of humor to the stage next. A former Sailor and Marine, Walsh told jokes about his experience in the military as well as his experience visiting service members deployed overseas.

“I met PJ in 2007 during my last deployment,” said Yeoman 2nd Class Steven Strickland. “It was great seeing him again, and I’m glad that we’re able to have entertainment come aboard.”


Collier followed Walsh on stage. His jokes about weight, divorce and drinking received a big response from the crowd.

“[Collier] was definitely my favorite,” said Marine Cpl. Michael Wood. “It was an amazing show, and I wish it could have been longer.”

After his performance, Collier spoke to the crowd about his participation in the charity organization, A Soldier’s Child, that arranges birthday celebrations and offers college scholarships to the children of deceased service members.

“If you know anybody who could use our organization, you can visit our website or you can come talk to me after the show,” said Collier. “I want to thank you guys so much for serving our country and thank you so much for having us here.”

The final comedian of the night was Foss. He entertained the crew with witty one-liners and added TR to the list of Navy ships that he has performed on, bringing the total to 11. Foss has also entertained service members across the U.S. and in 23 other countries.

Following the show, the four comedians held a meet-and-greet in the hangar bay. The Sailors and Marines onboard gave one last round of applause before lining up to meet the entertainers.

“It was a really great show,” said Logistics Specialist Seaman Hannah Reissmann. “[Navy Entertainment] picked good people to come to the ship. They all appreciate what we do, and PJ has been there so he really gets what it’s like out here.”

By Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Taylor L. Jackson, USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) Public Affairs


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