Health Fair Aboard TR Helps Keep Sailors Mission Ready


The Navy Environmental and Preventative Medicine Unit (NEPMU) 2 held a health fair and blood drive aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) July 22.

The health fair representatives shared information to help Sailors maintain the highest levels of physical, psychological and physiological health.

“This health fair is to show Sailors how to be healthier and to make better choices in their life,” said Chief Hospital Corpsman Jolando Lightner, the health fair coordinator. “We are passing on useful information to Sailors who otherwise would not have known the information.”

“The fact that the people involved in the health fair made it entertaining as well as informative is what I appreciated the most,” said Yeoman 3rd Class Lucas Reuling.

Representatives gave a presentation regarding Tricare coverage and discussed 16 health topics including hearing conservation and sexual health.

“We have an expert from Tricare here to give Sailors information about their benefits,” said Lightner. “It’s something that helps everyone be more informed on a subject that is very important to Sailors and their families.”

140722-N-GN619-005Many Sailors seek medical attention for conditions that are preventable, said Lightner. The Navy hopes to reverse that trend by focusing Sailors’ attention on preventive medicine.

“The sexual health booth showed Sailors what can cause and how to prevent sexual diseases,” said Lightner. “This information helps Sailors take precautions when it comes to their health.”

During the event, Sailors donated blood to Portsmouth Naval Medical Center’s Armed Service Blood Program (ASBP). ASBP is the primary blood bank provider for deployed active-duty service members.

“We go around four days a week and collect blood,” said Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Charles Moore. “The blood we get donated is mission essential for our current service members that are out in the field, or when they need it to save a life while deployed.”

“I think of donating as paying it forward,” said Interior Communications Electrician 2nd Class Laura Auer. “I have a pretty rare blood type. I know someone with a rare blood type could be waiting for my donation. I hope someday if I need blood someone would do the same for me.”

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