TR Receives Flame Resistant Coveralls


             Sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) received their first shipment of Flame Resistant Variant (FRV) coveralls, July 12.

            The FRV coveralls are 100% cotton fabric treated with a flame retardant chemical bound into the fibers of the fabric. FRVs passed all flame and flash-fire testing requirements. In addition, the flame resistant properties do not degrade with wear and tear or laundering for the serviceable life of the coverall, according to the Navy’s Clothing and Textile Research Facility.

DSC_3626            “These FRVs will eventually replace current coveralls and [Navy Working Uniforms] while underway,” said Command Master Chief William Smalts, TR command master chief (CMC). “FRVs will still be allowed to be worn while in port, but will primarily be for all Sailors at sea.”

            TR’s Supply department ordered more than 9,000 FRVs to supply the ship’s crew.

            “We are currently working hard to supply the entire ship, but due to space and limited numbers, we are outfitting the departments that need them most,” said Lt. j.g. Cody Perna, division officer of Supply department’s S-8A division. “We are currently outfitting Reactor, Engineering and Deck departments, but we will be providing the rest of the ship with coveralls as we receive more.”

            Once Sailors receive their coveralls, they can wear them straightaway.

            “The FRVs are for immediate use,” said Smalts. “The same collar devices that you wear for [Navy Service Uniform] can be worn or you can get the ones for the coveralls you currently own and have those sewn on. Also I ask that the Sailors stencil their names on the inside for laundry purposes.”

            CMC worked closely with Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Department (AIMD) to help make the name tags needed for the FRVs.

            “AIMD is currently working on making the leather name tags that will be going on the uniform,” said Smalts. “Be patient it is going to be a slow process, but we are trying to accommodate every member of the crew.”

            Sailors in Reactor, Engineering and Deck department will receive four pairs of FRVs while the majority of other departments will receive two. Those authorized organizational clothing, such as Air department and certain personnel in Supply department, will not receive the FRVs due to certain uniform standards they are required to maintain.

            “Once we give out the first batch of FRVs to the Sailors, it will be up to the individual department’s supply personnel to order more for worn out coveralls or new Sailors,” said Perna. “We ask that Sailors be patient. It has been a slow process with receiving the FRVs, but we will ensure that every Sailor who is required to have a pair has them.”

By Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Heath Zeigler, USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) Public Affairs