Theodore Roosevelt Sailors Participate in National Running Day

USS Theodore Roosevelt

By Mass Communication Specialist Seaman William Spears, USS Theodore Roosevelt Public Affairs

Sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) celebrated National Running Day in the hangar bay, June 4.

TR Sailors ran on treadmills and utilized the hangar bay to run laps before going to the Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) ticket window to record the total number of miles they ran.

“It’s just a day of recognizing that running is a healthy thing to do, not everyone enjoys running so there has to be something that motivates people to get out there and run,” said Aviation Electronics Technician 1st Class Robert Rubano.

MWR and the TR Run Club sponsored an event where Sailors wrote statements about why they run and challenged Sailors to see who could run the most in an effort to promote the event.

USS Theodore Roosevelt“We got with MWR and came up with the idea of the ‘I run’ cards to say why you run, what’s your motivation. Is it peaceful or stress relieving for you?” said Rubano

MWR posted the ‘I run’ statements around their ticket window to motivate other Sailors to run. Runners also logged their miles for the day so that MWR could see who ran the longest distance.

“I like it because it has brought my son and me closer together. We’ve run four, five and eight [km. races] together, and he’s training for a half marathon at nine years old. That was my motivation,” said Rubano. “My son said he wanted to do something, and we both love it.”

Sailors pushed through the miles with the help of self-set goals. Rubano’s goal for TR’s Run Day was to run 20 miles total.

“I didn’t make my goal, I only did 11 miles. But we are planning on doing this again next year, so hopefully I can hit it next time,” said Rubano.

With all the runners aboard, Rubano and MWR expected a large number of entries on the run log. Seventy-one TR runners logged a total of 245.79 miles for the day. Supply Department logged the most miles, and Lt. j.g. Jeffrey Bayliss ran the most miles of any individual on the ship with a total of 14 miles.

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