Bravo Zulu from Our Commanding Officer

CAPT GriecoShipmates and family,

Bravo Zulu to the entire team during this underway. It was a fantastic week. We accomplished an incredible amount during a short amount of time. And you should be as proud as I am of the entire Rough Rider team.

This week, we exercised our Combat Systems self-defense capabilities, including tracking and engaging surface targets, as well as, engaging and taking out an aerial target with our Sea Sparrow missiles. If you haven’t seen the video on our Facebook page, please take a look. It was a great demonstration of our capabilities to protect our ship and our Sailors onboard.

Speaking of our Sailors, I’d like to take this moment to let you know that 258 Rough Riders were promoted onboard Theodore Roosevelt. They are part of the list who passed the Navywide advancement exam in March. Congratulations to those Sailors who not only will advance in rank, but will assume additional responsibilities that come with the promotion. We plan to hold a frocking ceremony for these Sailors next Friday.

For those who were not on the list, let’s rally around them and help them keep their heads up. We need to encourage them to sit with their mentors to discuss study habits, as well as, what they believe are their strengths and weaknesses. We need to help them refocus, prepare for the September exams, and knock that one out of the park.

And finally, this Memorial Day weekend, please enjoy your time together with family and friends. Memorial Day is when we remember “those who have gone before us to defend freedom and democracy around the world,” as written in our Sailors Creed. In addition, it is the unofficial beginning of summer, and many people will be heading out to enjoy the outdoors. No matter how you celebrate, please ensure that you and your family have a plan and are safe. All of you are important to the success of Theodore Roosevelt. As always, please know that we cannot do the things we do without our Sailors’ dedication and the love and support of our families.

Very Respectfully,

CAPT D. C. Grieco

Commanding Officer